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Man who hosted party in Bournemouth is fined £200 for breaching rule of six

A man who hosted an illegal party at a Bournemouth address has been fined £200 for breaching the country’s COVID-19 rule of six regulations.

Dorset Police delivers robust response to those putting public health at risk
Dorset Police delivers robust response to those putting public health at risk

Officers were called by colleagues at BCP Council to reports that a flat off Manor Road was being used for a house party on 2 October. It was reported that the address had been hired for a birthday celebration and around 18 people had attended. At least 10 people had left before officers attended and dispersed the group. The host – a local 19-year-old man – has been fined £200.

Bournemouth North Neighbourhood Inspector Paul Graham said, “We are fully aware that the vast majority of people in Dorset are behaving responsibly and adhering to the government’s rule of six legislation.

“However, what we are unable to tolerate is where people deliberately breach these rules without any regard for the coronavirus pandemic or the safety of others.

“We wish to reiterate that this type of behaviour will simply not be tolerated and we owe it to residents to take firm action.”

A BCP Council spokesperson said, “We fully support this action taken by our police colleagues and will continue to work with them and actively assist on any further investigations. We would like to reiterate that any incident which puts public health at risk is unacceptable and the council will deliver a robust response with our partner agencies.

“It is everyone’s responsibility to comply with COVID-19 regulations, and we thank those who continue to do so, but those who refuse have no excuses.”

Under the government’s new rules anyone gathering in a group of more than six people in any inside or outside place will continue to be dispersed and could now be subject to an increased fine of £200 if they refuse to comply. In some cases, organisers and facilitators of larger gatherings can be issued with fines of up to £10,000.

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