Nikki Honer and Adam Keen announce their Christmas gift to Poole and Bournemouth travellers.

Morebus has confirmed that it will be running a more extensive service on the bank holiday dates over the festive season with a service even on Christmas Day reaching the Royal Bournemouth hospital from Poole, via Poole Hospital, on their M1 service between 9 am and 8pm.  The new Christmas and New Year services will see extra buses operating on many routes within the Poole and Bournemouth area when traditionally no buses have been seen on the roads.

“We are delighted to announce the extensive festive service,” said communications and marketing manager, Nikki Honer.
Adam Keen says that they have asked their drivers to volunteer to drive on Christmas Day so that those with families have a choice of working or enjoying the special day with their children and loved ones.
“Boxing Day and New Year’s Day will also see more of our fleet on the roads on many of our major routes so to offer an alternative to using the car, Between Christmas and the New Year we will be running to special timetables.  It will be the most extensive seasonal services offered by morebus and Wilts & Dorset ever!”
The company hopes that the demand for the services will allow them to break even on the investment and meet the extra running costs.  If successful, more of the network could operate on the bank holidays next year.
Full Details of the Christmas services can be obtained by visiting or call 0845 072 7093.

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