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Nellie leaves Bournemouth and ‘swims' off to her next location

Nellie the fish has left Bournemouth Pier Approach.

Nellie with BCP councillors
Nellie with BCP councillors

Over the last four weeks she has not only helped collect plastic bottles and aluminium cans but has also helped teach people to make less rubbish by reusing and not throwing away.

In conjunction with ‘We Have The Power,’ the six-metre-long metal fish shaped sculpture aimed to tackle beach littering and the harm single-use waste has on the environment. It was supported by the resort’s Leave Only Footprints campaign.

During this time BCP Council also ran a competition for local children to get involved in creating posters and signs to highlight and educate about littering and the harm it can have on both community and wildlife.  Entries came from across the region and the winning designs, (primary school winner Coral from Manorside Academy, secondary school winner Kye P from Grange School and post 16 years Ellen B who each won a £50 voucher for art and craft supplies), have been turned into signs and will be displayed locally.

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