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New bikes donated to Bournemouth Hospital staff after seven were stolen

Whilst working on a shift at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital during the coronavirus pandemic, seven members of staff had their bikes stolen.

Consultant Physician Damian Jenkinson, left, was the first staff member to receive his bike
Consultant Physician Damian Jenkinson, left, was the first staff member to receive his bike

However, they have now been replaced thanks to the Bournemouth Hospital Charity which worked with the Christchurch branch of Halfords to help replace the bicycles, with support from the hospital’s Estates and Security teams.

Halfords donated over £2,800 worth of equipment, including seven bikes, seven locks and a maintenance package for each bike, consisting of a six-week and annual service.

Karen Smith, fundraising manager at Bournemouth Hospital Charity, said, “We are extremely grateful to Halfords for this amazing donation and to our lovely estates and security teams for helping us work with the staff to replace their bikes.

“These bikes are not just a mode of transport for these members of staff, helping them get to and from work every day. They also provide great physical and mental health benefits by allowing these amazing heroes to enjoy fresh air and get daily physical activity during these uncertain times.”

Each of the seven members of staff were contacted to detail any requirements for replacements, specifically the frame style and size.

Joshua, cycling manager at Halfords Christchurch, said, “We are so privileged to be able to support our local NHS heroes after all the amazing work they do for us. Helping to replace the stolen bikes was the least we could do.”

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