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New Lidl supermarket for Verwood

Despite 49 letters of objection received by the town council, Lidl, has been granted permission to build a new supermarket on land in Verwood.

Lidl has been granted permission to build a new footsore in Verwood
Lidl has been granted permission to build a new footsore in Verwood

Earlier this year Verwood Town Council put forward objections to the proposal to demolish the existing housing at 76-78 Ringwood Road and to build the foodstore, arguing that the site was unsuitable.

However, Cllr Toni Coombs, chairman of Dorset Council’s Eastern Area Planning Committee said that when she posted the approval decision on her Facebook site she received overwhelming support from local people.

“Around 98 per cent were in favour,” said Cllr Coombs.

The new supermarket will provide 40 new full or part time jobs.

“I had mixed feelings about the proposal,” Cllr Coombs told mags4dorset, “as I was aware of the impact on the neighbours. I had no issue with the site as it is within 400 metres of Dorset heathland and so housing couldn’t be put in. I was pleased that the 200-year-old oak tree has been retained.”

She added that a number of alterations had been made to the initial design: the building has been moved forward and the height dropped by a metre.

There will be two-metre high acoustic fencing on three sides of the site and additional fencing around the plant room.

Lidl had to conduct a full retail impact survey to prove that the new supermarket wouldn’t affect businesses in the town centre.

The committee added the condition that a night-time barrier should be installed at the entrance.

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