Ferndown Leisure Centre swimming pool steps
Ferndown Leisure Centre steps

The new steps being modelled by the lifeguards

Ferndown Leisure Centre swimming pool is more accessible to people with mobility difficulties following the arrival of a new set of steps. They were fitted on 4 December to aid entry into the pool by way of a gentle gradient and this will, in most cases, avoid the use of the hoist.

Jo Sinclair, health and wellbeing coordinator said, “In the past, pool users found they had to use the hoist because our top step is very steep, or they did not have enough strength in their arms to pull up out of the water using the vertical ones.”

The new steps will overcome these problems.

“We still have the hoist available, as some users will still need this, but the steps should open up access for quite a few users,” added Jo.

The new steps are moveable and will be put into the pool for certain sessions.

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