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Oakhouse Foods continues to deliver through coronavirus crisis

During these testing times, it is important to settle in and eat comforting, tasty food.


Oakhouse Foods Dorset, based in Verwood, a leading meals delivery service, creates delicious, nutritious frozen dishes that are quick and easy to enjoy at home. All are chosen for their quality and taste, and flash-frozen to lock in goodness and flavour.

With a huge range of over 350 dishes from succulent roasts with all the trimmings, traditional British classics and hearty pies, luxurious gratins, pastas, curries and stir fries! Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, nothing quite lifts the spirits like a tasty meal on the table and they are sure to have something to suit all tastes.

The majority can be cooked in the microwave and oven, creating easy and satisfying mealtimes.


Oakhouse Foods


Oakhouse Foods

The company knows eating well is important for health, so it makes sure there is something to suit everyone. Many customers need or want to avoid certain foods, so it has developed a wide range of meals suitable for special diets.

These include gluten-free, low-sugar, pureed and bite-sized ranges.

And more than 80 well-known recipes are available in smaller portion sizes for those customers who have smaller appetites.

The meals are delivered to your door. Social distancing means the drivers ring the door bell put the food down, step back 2m then wait to check that you heard the door. The friendly local team are available on the phone to take your order or you can choose to order online.

For more information call Oakhouse Foods on 0333 370 6700.

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