ODOUR EATER: MD Trelawney Dampney with a new £250,000 compost turner

ODOUR EATER: MD Trelawney Dampney with a new £250,000 compost turner

A Parley organics recycling company has invested a million pounds in eliminating obnoxious odours.
Neighbours had complained about smells from the Eco Sustainable Solutions’ site and last year the Environment Agency said Eco was intermittently found to be in breach of its environmental permit due to the odour issue.

Now the company is claiming success after completing a £1 million upgrade.

Trelawney Dampney, Managing Director, said: “Eco has always tried to be a good neighbour but we recognise that in the past we’ve suffered from odour issues.

“We’ve listened, taken on board comments and now acted. It’s cost a million pounds but we believe it’s a good investment for both ourselves and our neighbours.

“No biological process will be totally free of smells but the new equipment and systems we’ve put in place have eliminated all obnoxious odours and about 80 per cent of smells.

“The handling of food waste was one of the main reasons for the complaints. We still use the Parley site as a transfer station but the actually processing of food waste is now done elsewhere.”

The most expensive new equipment – a German-built Backhus 17-series compost windrow turner – arrived on-site in March and cost £250,000.

It is the world’s most commonly used turner series with a six cylinder engine and a panoramic driver’s cabin.

Trelawney said: “It’s a very impressive piece of kit which has significantly enhanced our operations and improved performance and efficiency.”

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