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The Met Office has issued a ‘Yellow alert’ for the majority of the weekend, claiming spells of heavy rain and strong winds are expected for most parts.

It has also issued an ‘Amber alert’ for Sunday night leading into Monday morning, with forecasters warning of a significant storm developing close to the UK.

They say this is likely to lead to 80mph winds carrying heavy rain and causing possible flooding.

Dorset Police is reminding residents to take care on the roads in advance of the bad weather forecast for the weekend.

In severe high winds and heavy rain, motorists are advised:
·        Not to travel unless you have to
·        Keep your distance from other vehicles
·        Keep your speed down – sudden gusts of wind can blow you off course
·        Leave extra time to get to your destination
·        Show consideration for other motorists, especially when confronted with delays and/or blocked roads
·        When visibility is reduced switch on your headlights.

In the event of flooding, drivers are advised to:
·       Exercise caution when approaching standing water on the roads
·       Consideration should be given to the depth of the water
·       Do not take any risks driving through flood waters
·       If motorists decide to drive through shallow water, they are asked to do so slowly and to be aware of the effect of waves on other road users.

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