Three members of a Poole gang are behind bars for a total of six years after admitting a series of burglaries in Wimborne and Poole.

Peter Christopher Turner, 31, was jailed for two years at Bournemouth Crown Court on 4 August 2015 after previously pleading guilty to a burglary at a house in Merley Park Road in Wimborne.

Peter John Bright, 37, appeared at Bournemouth Crown Court on 6 August and pleaded guilty to two burglaries at Milborne St Andrews sports pavilion on 13 February and W&S Recycling in Poole on 21 February. He was jailed for 18 months.

Philip Martin Bright, 39, appeared before Bournemouth Crown Court on 6 October after previously admitting to carrying out the burglaries in Merley Park Road, W&S Recycling and Milborne St Andrews sports pavilion. He also admitted handling stolen goods from another burglary in Poole on 13 January. He was jailed for a total of 32 months.

A fourth defendant, Amy Louise Watson, 33, received a one-year community order with a rehabilitation activity requirement after also pleading guilty to the burglaries in Merley Park Road and Milborne St Andrews sports pavilion and handling stolen goods from W&S Recycling.

The court heard how Philip Bright, Peter Turner and Amy Watson broke into a home in Merley Park Road in Wimborne on 15 January 2015. They stole shotguns and ammunition and hid them in bushes in Lytchett Minster. All the eight guns stolen in the burglary were later recovered by officers and seized.

Peter and Philip Bright also committed a burglary at W&S Recycling in Willis Way in Poole on 21 February by cutting a hole in a security fence and forcing their way into the building. They stole a three foot metal safe which contained around £65 in change. Watson assisted by driving them and the stolen safe.

The Brights were also driven by Watson to Milborne St Andrews Sports Club on 13 February. They smashed a window and searched through a number of rooms but left empty handed as nothing of value had been left in the building.
Detective Constable Andrew Burley, of Dorset Police’s Priority Crime Team, said: “Peter Turner, Peter Bright, Philip Bright and Amy Watson clearly thought they would get away with their crime spree.

“They stole the guns to use for further criminal activity. Thankfully these guns have been recovered and cannot be used for further offending.

“I would like to remind the owners of legally-held licensed firearms to ensure that they store them in secure cabinets to prevent burglars accessing them.”

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