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Poole Crematorium is open for services in the chapel

There seems to have been a little confusion about local funeral services and so BCP Council has put the record straight.

Poole Crematorium
Services continue to be held at the chapel at Poole Crematorium

Services continue to be held at Poole Crematorium chapel. Although the cremators are not running, the chapel and memorial grounds remain open for bereaved families who wish to choose Poole Crematorium as the venue for the funeral of a loved one.

The cremations themselves are now taking place at Bournemouth; however families can still remember their loved ones at Poole.

Following services each day, the coffins are being respectfully conveyed to the Bournemouth facility.

Cremated remains will be returned to Poole for the funeral director to collect on behalf of the bereaved families to scatter or for interment within the memorial grounds at Poole Crematorium.

All services at Poole Crematorium are being conducted in accordance with the latest government guidance. Ten people can attend, plus a minister or celebrant, along with your funeral director who can provide guidance on the latest measures and how this may affect your service.

Councillor Vikki Slade, Leader, BCP Council said, “We would like to reassure the bereaved that funeral services continue at Poole Crematorium to the highest standards and with minimal disturbance and it is likely most mourners will notice very little change to the way services are conducted at this time.”


Freedom Wills


Freedom Wills

Nick Douch, managing director of Douch Family Funeral Directors, which operates seven branches in Dorset adds, “We have been using Poole Crematorium throughout the coronavirus crisis. The facility, along with the others we use, is providing a vital service.

“Poole Crematorium is following government advice about how many mourners can attend funerals and is enforcing social distancing rules. The staff there have made the organisation of funerals as simple as possible for us and the families.”

Antony O’Hara, Nicholas O‘Hara Funeral Directors said, “Even though the actual cremations are not taking place at Poole, having the chapel open for services and even more so having the usual options available of webcasting, visual tributes and service recordings is so vital at this time of restrictions in our whole lives including funerals.

“Families have been so appreciative that they can use the chapel, as for many it is their closest or preferred crematorium due to its peaceful setting and for some historically the crematorium they have always used. Having 60 minute service options has also meant families can have the time they require to say their personal goodbyes. We are then transferring the coffins to Bournemouth by hearse, for the act of cremation and families are happy for us to do this in our dignified way.”

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