Poole Grammar School A-level results

Poole Grammar School A Level results

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Poole Grammar School A-level results

A level results at Poole Grammar School, were once again very strong, with 70.17% of grades at A*/A/B, and with a pass rate of 98.93%.

Poole Grammar School A Level results

This represents a significant increase in the proportion of higher grades when compared with 2017, and impressive since this year, two thirds of our entries were in the new reformed A level courses which are designed to be harder than the syllabus they replaced. The proportion getting in to their first or second choice University offer remains at the high level of recent years.

A number of subjects achieved 100% at A*/A/B – Art, Economics, French, German and Music. Other subjects saw a particularly strong performance, with more than 75% A*/A/B grades:

Computing 82.14%, Drama 75%, Electronics 80%, English Literature 75%, History 81.82%, Further Maths 90% and Sociology 75%. Many other subjects performed very well, given the starting points of their particular group of students.

Top performers at A level include Ben Bassinder-Myers (2A* 2A), Herby Bowden (4A*), Ben Crowther (3A*), Felix Howarth (3A*), Ryan King (2A* 2A), Charlie Lush (2A* 1A), Joseph Mitchell (4A*), Robert Munday (4A*), Sebastian Parkin (3A*), Alfie Russell (3A*), Edward Sherwood (3A*), Leo Shi (2A* 1A 1C), Ben Spratt (3A* 1A), Jasper Stiby (2A* 1A), Tom Unitt-Jones (4A*) and Nicholas Wetherall (3A*).

Head Teacher, Andy Baker said, “Congratulations to all students for their achievements, and to their teachers and parents for the support and challenge they provided them with during their time at Poole Grammar. We are delighted that their hard work and determination has been rewarded with such excellent results.”

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