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Poole Hospital’s maternity unit garden blossoms

Staff at Poole Hospital’s maternity unit are now able to enjoy some beautiful blooms in a restful setting as their garden has received a make-over from Dan Smith, a professional Poole-based gardener.

Dan Smith in the garden
Dan Smith in the garden

The idea to improve the garden came after eco-friendly Dan saw the great care his expectant wife received in the maternity unit during Covid-19.

In addition, funding from two grants received by Poole Hospital Charity from NHS Charities Together’s Covid-19 Urgent Appeal, has been used to expand the original garden.

Additional benches will be added to allow staff to enjoy the space with the ability to distance safely.

Ally Sutherland and Elaine Luffman, antenatal clinic maternity support workers, who support the Royal College of Midwives team, water the plants whenever they are on duty.

“I feel it is important that we keep this area maintained for staff as a place for them escape and get some respite during the working day,” said Ally.

To add to the design of the garden, staff have painted stones to incorporate a personal touch.

Jillian Ireland, professional midwifery advocate, said, “Having a place to get away from the indoor environment and the added stresses of wearing PPE continually is really important.

“The garden adds a touch of serenity to break times and is a great example of departments and groups working together on behalf of staff.”

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