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Prama Continue to Care During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic brings fear and confusion in its wake, but Poole based charity PramaCare are working hard to support older people in the community, for whom the virus is statistically most dangerous.

Prama Care

Although self-isolation is a unique concept for many, for some older people, spending extended periods of time alone at home is nothing new. However, this doesn’t make it any less challenging to be confined to your home, especially when so many services you might usually have access to have been disrupted by the virus.

Care support teams, such as PramaCare, who have been around for nearly forty years, continue to offer a range of services to help you, whether you require ongoing support, or are simply looking for help with shopping, dog walking or prescription collection. These are all services which Prama offer year round, but may be something you haven’t needed help with before now.

Working closely with the BCP and Dorset councils and the NHS, Prama are also assisting those leaving hospital across Dorset, alongside their existing clients. This Hospital to Home service provides care at different levels, whether just a little short term help is needed or if longer term care is required. Prama’s care support team are also able to offer end of life care, always working to ensure those being cared for feel safe and respected at all times.

The PramaCare management team regularly review specific official briefings for social care providers, as well as the wider public advice, responding as necessary to the official Government and Public Health England guidance and requirements, providing the highest level of care in a safe and timely manner. Staff work tirelessly around the clock, more now than ever, to ensure that they are there for those in their care when they are needed.

As care support workers, Prama’s team are experienced in infection control and always work to strict hygiene practises, global pandemic or not. Rest assured that Prama’s care support workers practise frequent hand washing with soap and water, as well as wearing both gloves and aprons whilst carrying out personal tasks.

Prama are passionate about helping older people to remain independent in their own homes, and this hasn’t changed since Covid-19 began. To help keep up with demand, PramaCare have created 50 new care support roles since the pandemic began. As well as recruiting and training new care support workers, Prama are also pleased to welcome back members of staff who had previously retired, strengthening the team and providing them with the capacity to offer additional services to those leaving hospital, or who require short term help during the pandemic.

Prama is a charity, with its primary focus being to help people enjoy life as they age, whilst treating everyone with dignity and respect – clients, staff and volunteers alike. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01202 207300 or email

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