A One Insurance team delivers flowers to strangers

A One Insurance team delivers flowers to strangers

When Dorset-based A One Insurance heard about the Random Acts of Kindness initiative being launched by Westbourne Trader’s Association and supported by the Bournemouth Coastal BID, they decided to go all out to be involved. The initiative encourages businesses and the local residential community to ‘do something nice for someone’ and to help traders engage with other local businesses and their customers.

In the first week A One gave away gingerbread men and chocolate brownies to all businesses on the high street and to unsuspecting members of the public. In the second week they walked into various eateries and paid unsuspecting diners bills at lunchtime. The following week A One handed out 5,000 daffodils to members of the public in the town as well as personally delivering the daffodils to other business owners to brighten up their day. And in the last week they purchased all of the Big Issue seller’s stock of magazines and gave them to staff and handed over more than 300 Cadburys Crème eggs to members of the public and businesses.

Lia Martin, A One Corporate Partnership Manager, said, “Our random acts of kindness worked really well, it was great to see people smiling in the rain and being nicely surprised, the opportunity has since helped us to establish ourselves as part of the business community in Westbourne and to show other businesses and the public what we do. It was our way of giving something back to the community we work in. As a result of our efforts and thanks to social media, we even had ITV’s Good Morning Britain visit Westbourne and do a feature on Random Acts of Kindness and even BBC Radio 2 talked about us when a visiting holiday maker called them to say she had been stopped and given one of our gingerbread men.”

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