Range-Rover-provides-bear-necessities-postIt’s not every day you see a giant bear being driven in a Range Rover with his arms and head poking out of the sunroof.

But that’s how Giganticus arrived at the Teddy Bear Museum in Dorchester recently.

A massive addition to the museum’s wonderful collection, he weighs over 70kg and so huge that he wouldn’t fit inside an ordinary car to make his journey. Arriving as he did with the wind in his fur, he amused many half term visitors when he turned up at his new home.

“He is a wonderful Bear, the problem we now have is to find a suitable place in the museum to display him. He is enormous,” said Jackie Ridley, the museum’s curator. “We have teddy bears of all types at the museum and of all ages spanning the whole history of teddy bears, but we have never had a bear like this! He will certainly not be missed. Giganticus will contrast well with one of the museum’s smallest bears, who fits in a small tea cup.”

Giganticus’ new home is Britain’s only museum devoted entirely to teddy bears. Open seven days a week, the museum and its popular teddy bears are frequently featured on radio and television and it is a firm favourite with the public. It was recently featured on BBC’s Antique Road Trip and Radio 2’s Breakfast show. Giganticus is sure to be a massive hit.

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