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Ringwood allotment holders produce great results

With everyone using gardening as a therapy during lockdown, it may not be to surprising that entries to Ringwood Town Council’s allotment competition were very high.

Mr and Mrs Shields were overall winners
Mr and Mrs Shields were overall winners

There will be no presentation ceremony this year, so winners will be collecting their prizes from Ringwood Gateway in Hampshire.

The results:

Upper Kingston                    

1st        Plot 10           Mr and Mrs Shields

2nd       Plot 22A         Mrs Sarah Shatwell

Southampton Road

1st        Plot SR09        Anne Taylor

2nd       Plot SR08        Colin Joy

Hightown Road

1st          Plot HR17       Peter Malloy

2nd       Plot HR18        Mr M Gubbins

Mini Plots

1st        Plot HRM12     Josephine Burkin

2nd       Plot HRM13     Josephine Burkin

Overall Winner

Plot 10 UK     Mr and Mrs Shields

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