One thing is certain, the Rotary Club of Ringwood can react quickly in an emergency. Within two days of assessing the need, Rotary volunteers were in the Furlong and Meeting House Lane collecting for the disaster in the Philippines, and were amazed how generous people can be in a time of emergency.

During three days over £2660 (plus US$41.50) was collected.

None of the volunteers are paid, and every penny (or cent) goes into the disaster fund. Special Rotary sponsored organisations are set up to handle the distribution promptly.

More than 1500 boxes and tents are in the Philippines or in transit and hundreds more will be on their way as soon as possible

Water Survival Box
There are 600 boxes waiting to be sent or on route to the Philippines

The above two box organisations are participating in ‘The Big Give’. For a limited time all donations pledged will be doubled.  For more information go to


50 of the big community filter sets have been sent off by air and a further 50 will be ready to go in a few days. It is hoped to follow this up as soon as possible with 500 of the smaller family units with the full range of relief items in each box.

The Rotary Club of Ringwood would like to  say a huge thank you to the kind folk of Ringwood who so generously donated. Readers of this article can see how their money was allocated, together with that of other Rotary Clubs. There are still collection boxes in Patersons the Butchers, Ringwood Surplus Stores, and Lunns Newsagents.

If you feel you would like to know more about the Rotary movement locally, please contact Geoff Kynaston 01425 476 500.


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