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Rotary Youth Speaks – the annual battle of words and ideas

13 teams of secondary school students met this week at Bournemouth School for Girls for annual battle of words and ideas – the Rotary Youth Speaks Competition.

Youth Rotary

Caption:   Winning teams: Seniors Avonbourne College, Intermediates Bournemouth School for Girls ‘B’ team

The teams came from across the local area, with representatives from Avonbourne College, Bournemouth School,  Bournemouth School for Girls, Harewood College, Lytchett Minster School  and Twynham School.  Each was composed of three students, with the competition divided (by age) between intermediates and seniors.

The winners of the Senior Competition were Avonbourne College, speaking about ‘Technological Change’.    The runners up were Lytchett Minster School (B team), with third place going to Bournemouth School for Girls (B team).

In the Intermediate competition, another of the Bournemouth School for Girls teams took first place, talking about ‘What is Beauty?’.   Second place went to students from Twynham School, with another team from Lytchett Minster School coming third.

Each team is made up of three students.  One acts as the chairperson, a second delivers the main talk with the third member providing the vote of thanks.  The topics for the various talks are chosen by the students themselves.  Each person has to keep within a set time limit, with marks being awarded not only for content and delivery, but also how the team works together and react to each other.  The main speaker has five minutes to talk on their chosen topic before responding to a question from the audience.  The winners go through the regional Rotary finals.

The event was organised, on behalf of the nine local Rotary Clubs, by Poole Bay Rotary.   The prizes and certificates were presented by Poole Bay President Dimpee Kalita-Smith, who said, “It’s amazing to hear young people speak so confidently and eloquently on these topics about which they are so passionate.  The competition provides them with a good training in public speaking for later life.”

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