Sherborne exhibition commemorates Princess Diana

‘To The Chase,’ André Durand

Caption: ‘To The Chase,’ André Durand

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Dorset-inspired painting commemorates Princess Diana

An allegorical painting inspired by Princess Diana is now on display, 21 years after her death, in an exhibition at The Eastbury Hotel in Sherborne.

21 years after her death in late August 1997, the historical personage of the Princess of Wales is truly metamorphosing to one of myth before our eyes. To commemorate her life, the original allegorical painting ‘To The Chase,’ painted by contemporary master André Durand, will be exhibited at The Eastbury Hotel in Sherborne, situated in the Library Room, for the next six weeks.

This large canvas is one of a number painted by Durand inspired by the Princess. ‘To The Chase’ depicts Princess Diana as the Roman goddess of the hunt, like a luminous apparition in the local Cerne Abbas, Dorset countryside.

The Eastbury Hotel was acquired by Peter & Lana de Savary earlier this year and when they met Durand, who was staying at the Hotel, they were inspired by his work and in particular, the two allegories he was creating of the Princess in Dorset.

‘To The Chase,’ André Durand

Caption: ‘To The Chase,’ André Durand


De Savary commented, “Durand’s painting has captured the essential spirit of the Princess and set it deep in the Dorset countryside, which is some of the most beautiful countryside in England, and also will remind our Eastbury guests of the colourful gardens awaiting them within the hotel grounds.”

The display loan of ‘To The Chase’ by the artist is one of a number of exciting events André Durand has planned in conjunction with Peter & Lana de Savary for the next few months at The Eastbury Hotel.

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