"Safe Haven Exotics Manager Marc Harris pictured at the rescue centre with Pancake, a Bosc's monitor lizard

“Safe Haven Exotics Manager Marc Harris pictured at the rescue centre with Pancake, a Bosc’s monitor lizard

Visitors to Honeybrook have an extra animal adventure in store as snakes, lizards and more are now in residence at the farm with Safe Haven Exotics Reptile Rescue Community Interest Centre.

Cathy the boa constrictor was very hungry and tired when she came into the care of Leanne and Marc Harris at Safe Haven. With special support at meal times and veterinary care, Cathy is fighting fit and very friendly. Children can also meet Sarah the iguana and Pancake the Bosc’s monitor lizard, amongst many other exotic reptiles. Entrance to the rescue centre is included in the farm’s entrance ticket, and youngsters can handle the quirky creatures, with Marc on hand sharing his knowledge.

“I fell in love with exotics aged eight when I encountered a chameleon in South Africa”, says Marc. He and Leanne started rescuing reptiles in 2005 after hearing many reports of their abuse and abandonment. In 2009 they opened a small shop, the profits from which funded their rescue activities, and they officially registered as a Community Interest Centre (a non-profit organisation.

The recent move comes as they were full to bursting at their existing premises. “We’d like to thank everyone for all their support in helping us get this far and we hope you will visit us at Honeybrook,” says Marc who runs the rescue centre while Leanne branches out to manage Honeybrook.

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