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Special constables are volunteer police officers who have the same powers as regular police officers, wear the same uniform and are issued with the same equipment.

Debi Potter, Chief Officer of the Special Constabulary, said, “Special constables are a vital part of Dorset Police, working alongside full-time officers and police staff, including PCSOs, to make a difference in our communities.

“We are looking to appoint specials in different areas right across Dorset and are particularly keen to hear from anyone who wants to work in rural areas of the county.

“We hope to encourage people living in quieter, countryside locations to sign up so they can be directly involved in policing their community.

“A few hours of your time each week could make a real difference in your community and will give you the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and gain excellent experience in a fulfilling and varied role.”

Specials in Dorset are provided with full training and are given the opportunity to get involved in a range of day-to-day policing activities, including patrol work, community events and targeted operations.

A special constable is asked to work a minimum of 16 hours per month and, where possible, this is broken down to a minimum of four hours per week. The working hours are flexible so that you can give more time if you can spare it.

To find out more about becoming a special constable, including frequently asked questions and details of the recruitment process visit the Dorset Police website

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