The WWF (formerly World Wildlife Fund) is launching an innovative new mobile network tomorrow, 31 January 2013.

For the first time, people in the UK with a passion for the environment and wildlife can generate funds for conservation every time they use their mobile phone. And it won’t cost them a penny extra.

WWF Wildlife Mobile – the new, SIM-only mobile network from WWF believes ‘every conversation helps conservation’.  It claims to offer cheaper standard ‘pay as you go’ rates than the other major networks, plus a range of competitive bundles of calls, texts and data.

WWF Wildlife Mobile also claims to have a fantastic call quality with 99.7% UK wide coverage thanks to the partnership between Digital Spring Mobile and Vodafone UK.

Here are two ways how Wildlife Mobile customers’ conversations could make a tangible difference to wildlife:

  • A 10 minute call on WWF Wildlife Mobile could pay for six tree seedlings to help restore critical areas of tiger habitat.
  • Just two weeks of regular usage on WWF Wildlife Mobile could cover the costs of a three-person community based anti-poaching patrol in the field for one day, protecting tigers and rhinos in Nepal.

The hope is that thousands of people will come together to raise £millions for conservation simply by talking to each other. With WWF Wildlife Mobile ‘minutes means money’ for conservation and the target is for customers to make 2 million minutes of calls by the end of this year.

To sign up to the new SIM only WWF Wildlife Mobile visit:

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