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Tiny Tesla makes children’s unit less daunting

Children can now travel from a ward at Poole Hospital to an operation in a ride-on electric car that recreates the feel of a real Tesla


Caption: From the left, Jo Milton, paediatrics department sister, Nicola Coleman, Sophia Coleman and Sally Smith

What fun! Children can now travel from a ward at Poole Hospital to an operation in a ride-on electric car.

The mini Tesla is smaller version of the Tesla Model S. It is designed for children aged three to eight years old and recreates the feel of a real Tesla with a rechargeable lithium ion battery, headlights, MP3 sound system and a horn.

Donated by the UK branch of the Tesla Owners’ Group, after Poole Hospital Charity requested one for the unit, it was delivered by Tony Wootton, one of the group’s members, and his children, Faye and Joseph.

Sophia Coleman was the first patient to get behind the wheel.

“Driving it was so much fun,” said five-year-old Sophia, who was admitted to the children’s ward with a respiratory complaint. I really liked turning on the lights and reversing was fun too.

“My brother Lucas is going to be so jealous when he finds out!”

Sally Smith, a staff nurse on the children’s day ward said, “The car is going to be a really great way of decreasing any anxiety younger patients may have on their way to an operation.

“It makes the journey exciting for the children and takes their mind off the fact that they’re in hospital.”

The vehicle is one of a range of ways that the children’s unit is made less daunting for children, such as a playroom with books and toys and bright and colourful wall artwork.

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