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Top business leader praises Dorset Chamber

Dorset Chamber has had an input into the Government’s coronavirus policy, which has been recognised by one of the UK’s top business leaders.

Dr Adam Marshall on a Zoom call with members of the Dorset Chamber
Dr Adam Marshall on a Zoom call with members of the Dorset Chamber

Dr Adam Marshall, who is director general of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said concerns raised by Dorset firms had helped the organisation lobby successfully in the corridors of power.

He told how the BCC had cited issues in weekly discussions with Business Secretary Alok Sharma and in conversations with other senior ministers.

Dorset Chamber welcomed Dr Marshall for its inaugural Business Leaders event, which has replaced its ‘Signature’ events.

He told nearly 50 business owners, directors and senior managers over Zoom how well Dorset was regarded at a national level as a ‘modern, forward-looking and optimistic’ chamber.

Dr Marshall also urged businesses to keep raising concerns so it could continue to influence and change government policy at an early stage.

Chamber president Liz Willingham led a discussion with Dr Marshall before questions from members.

Subjects included the economic outlook, business support, the value and role of chambers during the pandemic, retail and town centres, banks, international trade and new working patterns.

Dorset Chamber chief executive Ian Girling said, “As a member of the British Chambers, this has enabled us to effectively lobby at the highest level which has seen some direct changes to policy and help for businesses that have been falling through the gaps.

“We discussed some of the key issues facing Dorset businesses and it was great to hear feedback from Dr Marshall on how well Dorset Chamber is regarded at a national level.”

Visit for more details of coronavirus support available to businesses and to raise any issues.

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