Urgent appeal to save hens from slaughter

Urgent appeal to save hens from slaughter

Caption: Some of the Warren hens in their new home

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Urgent appeal to save hens from slaughter

Hen Rescue is setting a challenge to save the lives of as many laying hens as possible by the first weekend in January.

Urgent appeal to save hens from slaughter

Caption: Some of the Warren hens in their new home

“Time is running out,” says Celia Marker of Ringwood who has campaigned for Hen Rescue for nine years, rehoming hens locally.

Celia explains the sad predicament, “These 18-month-old laying hens may continue to lay happily for years – given the chance. But at 18 months, their time is up, and commercial hen keepers call in the ‘grim reaper,’ so unless the hens find a home by the first weekend in January, they will not be enjoying the New Year.

“Do you keep or want to keep free-range, organically reared hens? Can you save some hens and give them a home? If you currently don’t have a coop and run, then you’ve time to prepare; or perhaps you need some more hens to increase your flock? If so, here’s some healthy hens needing a home.”

The rescue will take place over the first weekend of January.

In order to save them from slaughter, homes need to be identified now.

The hens, which are are Brown Warren hybrids (Hi-liners) will be transported to a number of meeting points near Ringwood and Southampton for new owners to collect. They are farmed in Sussex, at the Mac Farm, where they are kept free-range and are organically reared. The farm is exceptionally well run and the farmer is keen to re-home the hens.

Celia comments, “Overall around 10,000 birds will go. There are often 20,000 in a field and large commercial operations have 100,000 or more – which they ‘turn over’ every 80 weeks. Many farmers do not want this – but legislation is such that they have to.

“This rescue is challenging because it’s right after Christmas so I’d like people to contact me as soon as possible so that we can organise transport.”

The hens are for forever homes – they are not bred for, nor intended to be eaten.

“We recommend that hens are ordered in groups (of at least 5) as they are very much flock birds and do better that way. I hear from and meet previous re-homers and hear about how the hens are laying complete with their names,” adds Celia. ”It’s a very happy sight to see the hens in their new homes.”

Transport is arranged to bring the hens down from Sussex and the hens cost £1.50 each plus a donation to cover the costs of hiring transport and fuel costs. Everyone involved is a volunteer and any surplus is donated towards hen rescues and to animal charities.

Contact Celia by calling 01425 472672 or by emailing Hens4rescue@yahoo.com

For information visit http://www.henrehome.co.uk/

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