Steve Fowler with his own dog Izzy

Steve Fowler with his own dog Izzy

Just Don’t! Steve Fowler, founder of PamPurredPets, the South’s largest independent pet store chain, says that there is no excuse, no matter how well meaning the intention, to feed dogs chocolate made for human consumption. Methylxanthine theobromine in chocolate is toxic and very poisonous to dogs.

“We warn our dog owner customers every year at Easter as we would hate to think of someone poisoning their beloved ‘best friend’ without realising the very real danger. The chemicals can act as a heart stimulant, and blood vessel dilator. Those who do not believe the danger exists should just search the internet to get further advice,” said Steve Fowler.

Thousands of dog owners in the region have bought their canine companion special Easter eggs and treats that are not made from chocolate, but carob, that is cocoa free and is therefore much healthier for dogs.

“The health and happiness of a pet is the responsibility of any owner. We are always available to offer free advice should anyone be unclear as to what is best for their animal,” says Steve Fowler, who is a director of the Pet Industry Federation.

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