Mark Julier of Digital Air

Mark Julier of Digital Air

Broadstone is set to be the first High Street in Dorset with free public WiFi when it launches a free service for shoppers this month.

The service is the result of an innovative partnership between the Broadstone Chamber of Trade and local specialist business, DigitalAir Wireless Networks.

Broadstone joins the internet revolution, allowing visitors and shoppers full access to the Internet across the main shopping area of The Broadway. Visitors will have immediate access to the internet whilst shopping,after logging on they will find themselves on the home page of the Broadstone Village Website – a single virtual ‘shop window’ for Broadstone retailers and businesses.

Simon Merry, Chair of the Chamber of Trade said, “This is an exciting step for a suburban centre. We are doing all we can to embrace technology to maintain a vibrant and successful centre for shopping and business.

“We can’t beat the big on-line warehouses on their terms but we can offer a mix of experiences and personal service that includes a familiar High Street which is also on-line.”

This is the latest initiative to keep the shopping centre vibrant and successful. Money awarded from the Mary Portas fund has generated the interactive Village website and marketing events, including a very popular baking competition which resulted in a ‘Broadstone Bun.’ Further initiatives are also underway.

DigitalAir Wireless, which has it’s roots in Broadstone is a market leader in the provision of ‘Metropolitan Wi-Fi’. Managing Director Mark Julier says “This is an exciting opportunity for DigitalAir Wireless to be part of delivering Dorset’s first “Free Public WiFi” in a high street location.”

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