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Yellow Buses come up with solutions during coronavirus crisis

Yellow Buses is boosting its network coverage from 14 April in order to help key workers at the Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch hospitals.

Simon Newport, Yellow Buses’ Commercial Director
Simon Newport, Yellow Buses’ Commercial Director

After the Easter weekend, a largely Sunday-service across the whole network will be introduced and maintained – an increase of 15 vehicles per day.

Some routes, however, such as the 2 and 3, will have an increased frequency and will be running every 15 minutes with extra journeys before 7am and after 7.30pm. They deliver key workers to Royal Bournemouth Hospital and double-deckers will be used to enable passengers to more easily practise social distancing.

Another quick route for key workers will run hourly between Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch hospitals, also stopping in Christchurch town centre.

This is designed around shift patterns and runs through the day.

Another new route is the 6h, which will be running from Wimborne through Merley, Bearwood, Kinson, Northbourne and Castle Lane to Castlepoint and Royal Bournemouth Hospital.

The first journey will arrive at the hospital before the 7am shift begins.

“Thanks to the settlement the Confederation of Passenger Transport negotiated with the government, we are in a position to enhance our service,” said Simon Newport, commercial director. “It also means that this new timetable will be viable throughout the crisis and details will be listed on our website. Our changes have been made particularly with key workers in mind.

“Our drivers are also being encouraged to pull over at 8pm on Thursdays so they can join in the applause for key workers – and passengers can applaud them.”

Edwin Davies, associate director of estates and capital development at The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, welcomed the new service. “A service linking Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch hospitals will be of great help; we have staff who work between the two. It is also reassuring to hear how the other services that go to Royal Bournemouth Hospital have been enhanced,” he said.

Throughout the crisis, Morebus and Yellow Buses are accepting each other’s tickets.

Yellow Buses are also accepting concessionary tickets prior to 9.30am allowing OAPs to go to the supermarket during hours reserved for them.

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