Gladstone Mews homes have gone into their third release which started at 9am on 14 of July, 2014.  Application to purchase a shared ownership eco home in this community land trust development is now open to all wards of Bournemouth.

Applications have continued to come in to Bournemouth 2026 Trust from those interested in the properties and are reviewed against the qualifying criteria.  At this time six applicants from the first release have continued with the qualifying process and have put down a deposit of £500 to reserve their home whilst they get approved for a mortgage.

The second release ended on Sunday 13 July.  Five applicants are currently being considered in this release however applications will continue to be accepted until the completion of all sales is final.

There are a total of 11 units available in this development.  One of the units is a two bedroom bungalow that has the potential to be for a wheelchair user or other individuals with accessibility needs.
This home is being reserved for those applicants who have specific accessibility requirements.

Whilst homes are still considered available, the Trust is opening up the local connection criteria to the remaining wards that make up Bournemouth.  Applications will still be accepted until contracts have been exchanged.  The Trust encourages interested individuals to still apply.

If all homes are successfully purchased, then any person who has applied and qualifies after that will go on a waiting list.

The application form is found online If an applicant does have the local connection, their financial eligibility is reviewed by Parity Trust.  It is imperative that applicants are able to secure the mortgage they will require for their share of the property.

Clare Hirst, Business Support Manager with Bournemouth 2026 Trust says, “The houses are nearing their completion and are looking fantastic.
Every garden is being fitted with a shed, water butt, composter, rotary washing line and a bird house all in keeping with the sustainability theme of the development.
As well as this, all units are equipped with fridge, freezer, oven and hob.  We are excited to hand over the homes to the new owners.”

Estimated completion of all homes is targeted for August.  However interested individuals are welcome to phone Bournemouth 2026 Trust and request an appointment to view the show home.

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