Douglas Walker and Felicity Wright with ‘Trekkie Monster’ and ‘Kate Monster'

Douglas Walker and Felicity Wright with ‘Trekkie Monster’ and ‘Kate Monster’

Douglas Walker and Felicity Wright, cast members of award-winning musical Avenue Q, appeared at the Pavilion Theatre today with their colourful puppet characters ‘Kate Monster’, ‘Trekkie Monster,’ ‘Lucy the Slut’ and ‘Nicky’ to pose for the camera. Despite the continued drizzle, both actors are hoping for some sunshine for their week by the sea in Bournemouth, and are looking forward to entertaining the audience with some tongue-in-cheek humour.

The cast started rehearsals in March and began performances all over the UK shortly after in April; they have just finished several days of shows in Woking. Felicity says Avenue Q is “such good fun” to be a part of, and coming to work in the morning cheers her up whatever mood she’s in.

Although the pair both grew up watching TV programmes like The Muppets, Sesame Street and Labyrinth, they admitted that handling and operating the puppets was a learning curve, as neither actor had done any puppetry before the show began.

But it was a challenge they rose to. Even outside of the performance, the puppets have become, both literally and figuratively, and extension of both actors. During press interviews, the actors wore the puppets and moved naturally with them. They even subconsciously made the puppets nod along in response to the press’ questions! It was fascinating to see that operating these “amazing creatures” – as Felicity put it – has become second nature to them.

Avenue Q is showing in Bournemouth from Monday 10 until Friday 15 August at the Pavilion Theatre. Having won the Tony Award’s ‘Triple Crown’ for Best Musical, Best Score and Best Book, this is a musical you won’t want to miss.

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