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Back to school for some pupils in Dorset

In this the first week that more children have returned to school, 75 per cent of Dorset schools have welcomed additional pupils into Reception and Year One, and around 50 per cent into Year 6. This will increase as some schools are opening in a phased way starting with younger pupils.

Secondary and upper schools in the county are also working on plans to hold some face-to-face sessions for Year 10 and Year 12 from 15 June. Schools are contacting parents and carers to discuss arrangements.

Dorset schools and childcare settings have carried out risk assessments and are following guidance from Dorset Council and the Department for Education. Parents and carers can choose whether to send their children to school.

Arrangements will vary, as what is needed in a small primary will be very different from a large secondary or upper school. Classes will potentially be very different, as measures have been put in place to help keep children and staff as safe as possible.

Special Schools are working with families individually to agree when it is safe for each pupil to return to school. Children and young people who are shielding because they are considered clinically vulnerable should continue to shield and should not return to school.

Childcare providers, such as preschools, nurseries and registered childminders, may need to limit the number of children they can take. Arrangements will vary as what is needed in a childminder’s home will be very different to a larger nursery or preschool.

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