Steve Fowler with the no grow seed

Through the spring months, the independent pet retail group PamPurredPets is to offer free samples of specially selected no grow seed that will not germinate fast if it falls to the ground. However it has great nutritional value to help support a wide variety of wild birds in the garden. Steve Fowler, managing director of PamPurredPets said that customers are keen to attract and support the many species of UK birds that do not migrate for the winter and so information is available to ensure that people can do the most to benefit the birds that forage for food in our gardens.

“Years ago, feeding the wild birds was really just a nice thing to do. Nowadays with frequent reports from wildlife charities that some of our species are in decline, its important to help our indigenous population to survive over the winter months and into the spring so that they breed,” said Steve Fowler. “The no grow seed is great as it means less work for gardeners and more food for the birds.”
Bird seed, peanuts and mealworms are generally in demand by homeowners support nesting birds at the start of spring. He says that local store staff will be happy to advise on the appropriate seeds and foods available to help support the local wild bird population.

Anyone wishing to obtain a free sample bag can visit for store locations and information..


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