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Gibraltar and South West England Euro MP Julie Girling, is urging British citizens to boycott their summer holidays in Spain and either take a staycation (UK break) or visit another part of Europe.

The call comes following increasingly outlandish threats against British territory Gibraltar and its citizens by the Spanish Government and Police. Now, after Spain issued a further series of menacing proposals, including the imposition of a €50 charge to cross the border and the closure of Spanish airspace to Gibraltar flights Mrs Girling has called for people power and a boycott of Spain.

Commenting, Julie said “There has been enough talking, now there must be action. I urge constituents across the UK to consider taking their summer holidays elsewhere this year – Spain is not on our side. Citizens of Gibraltar will not stand for the Spanish bullying and intimidation. The imposition of a €50 charge to cross the border, and the closure of Spanish airspace to Gibraltar flights is clearly impeding the movement of workers to and from Gibraltar, I believe the European Commission should launch legal action against the Spanish Government.”

In recent months, a Spanish police boat opened fire on a jet skier in British waters, patrol boats launch incursions into British waters, and military jets ‘buzz’ the Rock. Spanish fishermen also recently attempted to disrupt efforts to create an artificial reef in the Bay of Gibraltar.

Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Garcia-Margallo summarised his list of aggressive proposals with the high-handed warning: “The party’s over.”

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