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The Mayor of Poole has officially opened Broadstone Library’s ‘Wallace Effect’ Art Exhibition as part of the exhibition to celebrate the life of Alfred Russel Wallace.

The exhibition, which runs until 22 November, includes the art project, which is the work of local artist Caroline Parrott, with the assistance of local Broadstone businesses.

Cllr Philip Eades, Mayor of Poole, said: “It gave me great pleasure to declare the ‘Wallace Effect’ officially open, and I was very impressed so many local residents came to show their support for the exhibition. The performance by the local school children was really fantastic and I was very impressed they remembered all the words to the song.”

The art project depicts two birds that were created by Caroline. She initially created the first bird, which is purple with different sized eyes, and then took this in to Forum Jewellers in Broadstone, showed it to a member of staff and then took it away and asked her to draw it from memory. The picture she drew was taken to the next shop, where the person looked at the picture which was then taken away and drawn by them from memory. This process was repeated seven times in different businesses across Broadstone until the bird evolved in to something entirely different. The second bird Caroline created was a yellow bird and the process was a kind of pictorial Chinese whisper. The exhibition also features a collection of butterflies, moths and insects loaned by Broadstone resident Dr Patricia Mathers.

Cllr Michael Brooke, Ward Member for Broadstone, Borough of Poole, said: “The exhibition couldn’t have happened without the kind support of the Broadstone Chamber of Trade and the many local businesses that took part. It shows the true community spirit we have and I would encourage people to come along to the library and see the wonderful exhibition for themselves. Wallace’s connection to the local area is something that must be celebrated and I have thoroughly enjoyed the programme of events staff across the borough have put on.”

Borough of Poole is celebrating the life of Alfred Russel Wallace Intrepid explorer, brilliant naturalist and remarkable intellectual who co-discovered the theory of evolution with Charles Darwin. Wallace lived at Old Orchard in Broadstone, Poole, from 1902 until his death in 1913, and Wallace100 is a celebration of his life and scientific legacy in the centenary year of his death.

Cllr Judy Butt, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Public Engagement and Participation, Borough of Poole, said: “I was delighted to launch the council’s series of events to celebrate Wallace100 and cannot wait to see this exhibition for myself. As part of the nationwide events marking Wallace’s achievements, Borough of Poole’s Museum Service, Arts Service and Library Service have programmed a number of activities, highlighting Wallace’s connection to the town, and this really is the icing on the cake.”

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