By Janine Pulford

Thay OM Dermosense Body Treatment and Collin FacialRecently I enjoyed a holistic Thay OM Dermosense Body Treatment and a Collin facial at Professional Beauty Care in West Parley.

These treatments are currently available at the salon for the remarkably low price of £45 as a combined package and are incredibly good value.

The body treatment takes an hour-and-a-half and will help to calm and relax you. The facial is fitted in within the treatment time, so you benefit from two treatments at once.

When I arrived, Toni Jelley had prepared the treatment room with a preheated couch and several fluffy towels to keep me warm.

The body wrap necessitates removal of all clothes apart from panties, but at Professional Beauty Care, you won’t feel cold and modesty is always maintained.

Toni left me to undress and when I was ready, she returned and began the facial. The lights were dimmed, calm music played in the background and I was snugly covered. Toni cleansed my face with a gentle solution then massaged it before applying a liquid mask. Moving to the body, she started with my feet, treating them with a regenerating scrub followed by a massage.

The foot massage was wonderfully soothing and instantly eased away my aches. Legs, stomach and arms were treated similarly, with massaging in a soothing, circular motion. Then came the green clay. This was applied over the body after which I was wrapped in plastic sheets to retain the heat and further cocooned in towels. I felt blissfully warm as the clay began its magic. Meanwhile, Toni removed my facial mask, leaving the skin clean and soft.

Organic Neem Oil was applied. This is said to have moisturising, regenerative and restructuring properties and is also antiseptic but leaves a delicate fragrance.

When my resting period was over, Toni cleansed my skin using warm, damp towels. The clay came off easily leaving the skin silky to touch. The hard dry skin on my elbows had softened dramatically and had become smooth. All dry, flaky areas had gone.

I was left to get up in my own time and Toni left me a small smoothie to refresh me.

The whole experience was wonderful and I would recommend it. On the outside my skin felt clean, toned and supple and on the inside, I felt completely relaxed.

For less than the cost of a tank of fuel, you can really wind down and feel like you’re on cloud 9 with this springtime treat at Professional Beauty Care. Ring now to book at the special price, which runs until 30 April 2013.

Professional Beauty Care offers a variety of holistic treatments as well as Collin treatments plus manicures and pedicures using OPI products and will even decorate your nails with stunning Swarovski crystals.

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