Dorchester and Around Through Time front coverBy Steve Wallis
Published by Amberley Publishers 2009

Review by Sylvia Minns

The author Steve Wallis, currently a senior archaeologist with Dorset County Council,  has produced this  splendid full colour representation of the history and memories of life in and around Dorchester.

There are around 200 colourful photographs with many taken from old postcards. These are paired so an earlier example can be shown along side an up to date example of a particular location either in the town of Dorchester or in one of the surrounding villages.  There are also references to archaeology in the Dorchester area including the Iron Age Hill Forts of Poundbury Camp and Maiden Castle.

A photographic record of this nature confirms how important it is to keep a visual record of our environment in an every changing society and illustrates that while much has changed between the 20th and 21st centuries there are still many examples in Dorset that remain unchanged.

The book would be a perfect gift for anyone who lives or grew up in the area.

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