mags4dorset interviewed Eddie Howe, manager of AFC Bournemouth today, (25 April 2013). Here is an extract of the interview with Laurence Jones.

LJ: You’ve had a career both on and off the field – do you still enjoy playing from time to time?

EH:  I play five-a-side once a week with my mates, it’s actually quite competitive. I don’t think you lose that competitive spirit – you want to win. I still love the game and I still miss playing, but unfortunately my body would not enable me to do that now, but still I’m able to have some fun.

LJ: Do you think you’ve got to make any changes to your formations or strategy now you’re in the Championship. Or do you think you’ll stick to what’s got you this far?

EH: I think we might make tweaks; we might change things slightly. I think you always want to evolve and get better and find another edge on your opponent. The minute you stand still and keep to things that you’ve always done, it’s a recipe for disaster so we’ll always continue looking to see how we can improve.

LJ: Are you looking forward to the parade on Sunday?

EH: Yeah, I think things like that are very special. I’ve had two in my career here, one was for getting beaten at Wembley and the second one was the promotion to League 1 so it’ll be another special day, and it’ll be great to see all the Bournemouth fans out and about!

Eddie was speaking to Laurence Jones. To read the whole interview, pick up a copy of Viewpoint’s mid-May issue, out on 16 May.



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  1. Can’t wait to read the rest of this interview when it comes through the door. Thanks!! Eddie Howe played for Verwood once upon a time.

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