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Emergency hotel care scheme closes

Two Dorset hotels - The Best Western Hotel Rembrandt on Dorchester Road in Weymouth and the Grange Hotel at Oborne, near Sherborne - which offered accommodation for people not affected by coronavirus and who were medically fit to leave hospital, are no longer required.


Dorset Council says it is now confident that there is enough capacity in the care sector to support people in their own homes in a variety of ways without the need for the additional space in the hotels. The authority is now working with the hotels and partners to end the service and return all the equipment provided to set it up.

There was a period in the last few weeks when care and support in people’s homes became increasingly difficult to find, so the hotel-based provision made sure anyone who was able to leave hospital could do so in a safe way, while the council worked with them to get the support they’d needed to return home. This interim arrangement meant they could continue their recovery in a more homely environment.

The council added that it is looking to see how the most vulnerable people can get the right help and support, in the right place at the right time. This will involve working with both statutory, voluntary, community and commercial partners in the area.


Cedar Vets


Cedar Vets

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