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Grants available to good causes across Bournemouth in response to COVID-19 crisis

Good causes operating across Bournemouth who are working to support the local community during the current coronavirus crisis are urged to apply to the BH Coastal Lottery scheme for a small grant of up to £2,500.

In response to the current crisis, the council has increased the maximum grant that community good causes can apply to the BH Coastal Lottery scheme. Applications from good causes who are working specifically on projects that are providing direct help to the community during the coronavirus crisis will be given priority and they can apply for grants of between £500 to £2,500.

The BH Coastal Lottery was launched in January 2019 and £34,000 is available for small, local, good causes across Bournemouth to support in the response efforts.

“We know that our local communities are really coming together at this time to support people in their local area during the current crisis,” said Cllr Lewis Allison, cabinet member for Leisure, Tourism and Communities. “I would strongly encourage any small local good causes within Bournemouth who need grant funding to help support the fantastic work they are doing to apply to the BH Coastal Lottery small grants fund as soon as possible. This funding is for local people to put to good use and make a real difference in their communities and we want people to take advantage of that.”


Oakhouse Foods


Oakhouse Foods

The BH Coastal Lottery was expanded to cover Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole from 1 April 2020. Once enough funding has been raised from the sale of lottery tickets, small grants will be made available for good causes across the whole area.

For more information visit about the BH Coastal Lottery Small Grant Scheme:

For more information about the BH Coastal Lottery and how playing can help support local good causes across the area, please visit:

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