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Help for people living in Christchurch

A wide range of help is available for people living in Christchurch.

Saxon Square, Christchurch before the days of lockdown
Saxon Square, Christchurch before the days of lockdown

Christchurch Community Partnership, The Amber Team at Christchurch Medical Practice and Dan Lucas, Town Clerk, Christchurch Town Council have put together a list that may be helpful to readers.

Christchurch Community Partnership can advise on how to access goods and services.

Contact 01202 989632, email:

Your local church could support you – see


Freedom Wills


Freedom Wills

The Leonardo Trust has a coronavirus helpline open from 10-noon from Monday to Friday. Contact 01202 698325 / 07742 868002.

LiveWell Dorset can support you to become happier and healthier. Ring 0800 840 1628/ 01305 233105 Monday to Friday from 9am-6.30pm.

Christchurch Foodbank is experiencing a huge demand. To donate contact 07587 371088. Email:

And if you’re an older person who just needs someone to talk to, contact Silverline on 0800 470 8090.

To find out which shops are delivering, log onto

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