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Letters bring sunshine to young and old in Dorset

You could be forgiven for thinking that the art of letter writing was dead – but not so – as local children and older people have been communicating with pen and paper.

Right: Home Instead client, Fred, with his letter from William. Left: Chloe, with her Sunshine Letter to Marion
Right: Home Instead client, Fred, with his letter from William. Left: Chloe, with her Sunshine Letter to Marion

Home Instead Senior Care East Dorset and Blandford began ‘Sunshine Letters’ during the nationwide lockdown, but it is to continue.

Although their clients received care and companionship from their caregivers throughout the lockdown, many had to shield or could not interact with their friends or families. The campaign encourages them to keep their minds active, alongside helping to prevent loneliness.

There was keen interest from many youngsters in the letter writing campaign, as most had been out of school since March and were themselves missing social interaction with their friends. The campaign also proved a great opportunity for them to improve their writing skills outside of school.

All of those who have taken part so far have loved writing and receiving letters, alongside forming unexpected and new friendships. William, 12, wrote letters to Fred, telling him about himself and what he’s been up to during lockdown.

Fred’s caregiver commented, “William has made Fred’s day; he was really looking forward to getting a letter.”

Other participants include Chloe, who not only wrote a letter but coloured it in like a rainbow. Heidi also accompanied her sunshine letter with a lovely, hand-drawn picture of a mountain-scape.

Community engagement officer at Home Instead, Jayne Perks commented, “The sunshine letters initiative has been more successful than I ever could have hoped, and we are so excited for it to carry on into the future. The letters bring smiles to the faces of both the youngsters and the seniors, having created real friendships and relationships within our local community.”

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