Life in Lockdown: Maggie Mellor in Turkey

Maggie Mellor

Caption: Maggie Mellor

Life in Lockdown | Posted: Friday, May 1st, 2020 at 3:04 pm | return to news

Life in Lockdown: Maggie Mellor in Turkey

Animal lover describes life in Turkey following the lockdown

Maggie Mellor

Caption: Maggie Mellor

Maggie Mellor, who lived in Merley, and then in Parkstone, describes life in Turkey during the Covid-19 crisis.

Maggie, who is on the board of a charity called ARK in Kuşadasi, which helps all street animals, said, “I moved to live in Turkey in 2004, not knowing anyone; it was an exciting adventure. I was made very welcome by my Turkish neighbours who took it in turns to bring me plates of food.

“I soon made many friends and have had a fantastic social life until three weeks ago when we went into lockdown. I have been in self isolation since then. I am lucky in that I have a nice garden to enjoy on a warm spring day.

“My closest Turkish friend has kindly done my food shopping during this time but, with more restrictions in place, it will now have to be done online.

“I have a rescue dog that I am allowed to walk within my complex and we are joined by four street dogs that I feed. I’m also kept company by the three cats that adopted me, plus many strays that I feed.

“Thank goodness for technology; being able to call and see my daughters, family and friends means I don’t feel alone.

“Whilst I have so much time on my hands, I intend to improve my Turkish skills – it’s not an easy language. Like most people, I am watching the news constantly hoping to hear some good news. I enjoy sketching, doing code word books and reading. I do a seven-minute workout every morning, which helps to keep my energy up.

“I hope and pray this pandemic will come to an end soon, so we can all get back to a normal life again. Stay safe everyone.”

Maggie’s report is the ninth from our series ‘Life in Lockdown’ featuring lockdown stories from people in Dorset and across the globe. ‘Life in Lockdown’ aims to shine a light on how people’s lives have been affected by lockdown and how they are surviving. They will share their experiences and tips for living in lockdown. If you have a lockdown story you would like to share please get in touch as we would love to hear from you.

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