Life in Lockdown: Mohammed Ali from Bournemouth

Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali

Caption: Mohammed Ali

Life in Lockdown | Posted: Friday, May 15th, 2020 at 12:54 pm | return to news

Life in Lockdown: Mohammed Ali

Eight-year-old Mohammed Ali from Bournemouth gives his view of lockdown - 25 April 2020

Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali

Caption: Mohammed Ali

Q. Hi Mohammed, what do you understand about the term ‘lockdown’?

A. It means staying inside. You can go outside to exercise but you should probably stay at home because there are bugs. Lots of bugs.

Q. Do you know what coronavirus is?

A. It is an illness and everyone is dying because they aren’t listening. They don’t listen to the news or follow the rules.

Q. You are home every day – what is different now you are in lockdown?

A. My dad always cleans up. When anyone goes out, they wash their hands before and after. My parents wear gloves to go shopping.

Q. Do you miss your friends and teachers?

A. Yes I do miss my friends. No. I don’t miss my teachers. I do really like my teachers but I am not missing school.

Q. Ramadan is going to be quite different for you this year because of lockdown isn’t it?

A. Yes – because this is my first year at trying fasting. I won’t get to see my friends and family. I don’t have to go to school so that means no waking up really early. My mum says “This year we will be socially distancing while spiritually connecting.”

Q. I am sure this isn’t your first time at attempting half day fasting…

A. Last time I tried, I just had a sandwich and a chocolate biscuit when no one was looking (laughs).

Q. How long are you supposed to stop eating for?

A. Well I am going to be fasting for half a day. And yes, you do stop eating but only until the sun goes down… then everyone stuffs themselves! I think they eat more when they fast. (laughs). My parents buy lots of food because we are fasting.

Q. What are the best parts of lockdown for you?

A. Well, my cat had three kittens this week. I have picked them up (one at a time) but Fudge (the mum) gave me dirty looks so I put them back. I think she thought I was going to take her kittens. I have my own phone so I Googled all about cats and it says they don’t like other peoples’ smell on their kittens. The kittens are really cute. I love my cat and the baby cats.

Fudge with her kittens
Fudge with her kittens

Q. That is so exciting. What else have you been doing during lockdown?

A. I have been cooking with my mum. It is kind of… really fun. My mum tells me to join in. I cut, peel, put stuff in the pan and I get to stir. I actually cook stuff.  Don’t tell my mum but I am a better cook than her. Yes, actually I am way more better than her. My cooking has been really good since I have been at home. Mum makes me do these Facebook live videos. We just film them. It is really safe. Some people comment and share the videos. I like those people.

Q. What about your dad, can he cook?

A. Yes, but he doesn’t. My sisters can bake really well. So we have Mum’s food followed by my sisters’ desserts. They make things like waffles, pancakes and cookies. They learn about cooking from my mum too.

Q. Who do you miss most?

A. I love and miss my nan and granddad. And my uncles. I miss my friends from school: Sam, Abdul, William, George, the two Freddies in my class, Florence, Luke, Layla, Annabell. I speak to my friends and video call Abdul on wattsapp. He is locked down in Turkey at the moment. Last year we spent Eid together. Eid is the celebration after fasting. Not sure what will happen this year.

A. What activities do you and your family do in lockdown?

My dad got the punching bag out of the garage and he teaches us all boxing. I have also been doing sports in our garden. Lots of football. I have my phone and I play games on there. Minecraft, Roblux, Rocket Royale, I do TT Rockstars which is a game but it’s a school learning activity.

My big sister turned 18 during the lockdown. She wasn’t impressed that she couldn’t go out and celebrate.

My older brother, Ibrahim plays on his computer a lot. We fight a lot too but we are best friends. Since the lockdown Mum has banned us from fighting. So now we do lots of activities together and we try not to fight.

I take care of my kittens, play in the garden. I have been gardening. I watered the garden once and I had a go at cutting the grass last week. We have grown seeds in the garden. We planted the seeds for butternut squash.

I practise Taekwondo and Dorset Taekwondo Association have been doing online classes. It isn’t the same as when we are in the dojo together. I really enjoy our normal lessons.

Q. Do you feel that you are learning while you are home?

A. I do lots of reading. I have learnt all my times tables. I have been doing art. I got some paint and painted some of the garden wall purple, pink and blue. I spilt the blue paint on the floor. (laughs). My mum got really mad at me.

I have been cooking and learning about food, hygiene, how to not waste food. There is this thing called sustainable – it means not wasting and making use of what we have. I have been doing more geography, maths and lots of puzzles.

Q. Are you looking forward to going back to school?

A. No. I do not like school. But I do miss my friends of course, and I do want to meet them. At the moment we have an online assembly so we get to interact with teachers and friends. I don’t do much schoolwork at home.

Q. What do you want to do when you get older?

A. I want to be a Bollywood actor and I want to be really good at Taekwondo.

Thank you Mohammed, you have given a really good overview of life in lockdown. Mohammed’s report was first published on 29 April in 4Dorset Magazine – Life in Lockdown issue. ‘Life in Lockdown’ aims to shine a light on how people’s lives have been affected by lockdown and how they are surviving.

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