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Minnie reaches a maxi birthday at Dorset care home

Minnie Cutmore, a resident at Care South’s Fairlawn care home in Ferndown, celebrated her milestone 103rd birthday recently


Caption:  As well as family and friends, Lyn receives a visit from the Mayor of Ferndown, Cllr Jean Read, to help celebrate her 103rd birthday

Minnie Cutmore, a resident at Care South’s Fairlawn care home in Ferndown, celebrated her milestone 103rd birthday recently.

Surrounded by family, friends and fellow residents, Lyn celebrated her 103rd birthday with a tea party arranged at Fairlawn care home in Ferndown. She enjoyed a piece of cake and cup of tea whilst the residents and staff sang ‘Happy Birthday’.

Born on 24 January 1916, Minnie or ‘Lyn’, to her family and friends, has been a resident of Fairlawn for the past 14 years.

When growing up, she decided to follow her creative flair for design and began working as a milliner and dressmaker. It was rare for women to have a career in this era and Lyn was one of the few women of her generation to break the mould. She loved her job and it didn’t take her long to be promoted to Court Dress Maker, where she created and designed elegant dresses for many visitors to the Royal Court, including budding debutantes.

Outside of work, Lyn was always surrounded by her family, and she still enjoys nothing more than spending time with her son Steve, her three grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

In her spare time, Lyn enjoys crafts and being creative. She loves painting and enjoys watching and taking part in the many activities at Fairlawn, particularly the weekly creative workshops.

She has seen much change over the last 100 years, including two World Wars, the Great Depression of the 1930s, the moon landings and space race, as well as a number of key inventions, such as the PC, aeroplane, antibiotics, TV and the advent of the internet.

Karen Curtis, manger at Fairlawn said, “Lyn turning 103 is a remarkable feat and we were delighted to help her mark this special day with a special party just for her. Lyn is a joy to be around, and all the staff at Fairlawn enjoy listening to her tell stories. At Care South, all staff work hard to make sure our residents’ birthdays are truly memorable occasions.”

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