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Over 1,000 cats re-homed by Cats Protection during lockdown

Mother and daughter Zoe and Zizzi are one of more than 1,000 cats who have been re-homed by Cats Protection during lockdown.

So fur, so good - loving the tower
So fur, so good - loving the tower

Matchmaking cats to potential adopters is the first new-normal process to roll out nationwide as Cats Protection marks more than 1,000 successful adoptions during lockdown.

Cats Protection marked the success with the doorstep delivery of a mother and her kitten to Jenny Bell of Haslemere, Surrey.

Hands-Free Homing matches a cat’s needs with the lifestyle of an interested cat lover. If they are compatible, the cat is safely delivered to its new home.

The process is the response to the challenge of allowing people to meet cats while adoption centres remain closed to the public and forms a cornerstone of the charity’s commitment to remain #HereForTheCats.

Jenny had been looking for cats that would be right for the family and when she spotted these on of the adoption centre’s Facebook page, she knew they were just purr-fect.

She said, “The contactless process was really straightforward; just a few phone calls and some paperwork and then, the next thing we knew, we had a date for their arrival.

“Since they arrived, the children haven’t left their side, even sleeping in the room with them and the cats seem to be lapping up all the attention. They have found their favourite spots; Zoe likes the window seat and they both like to snuggle in their cat tower.”

Cats Protection is responding to the pressures of the pandemic with a head-to-tail review of its processes to ensure that cats in need continue to receive benchmark care from a dedicated team of staff and volunteers.

Mark Beazley, Cats Protection’s Director of Operations, said much of the charity’s work was paws-ed following government advice, however, “Hands-Free Homing has been a tremendous success – hopefully the first of many.”

Transition to the new process will be phased across the charity, following assessment and consultation with centres and branches about how and when they emerge from lockdown.

Additionally, many of Cats Protection’s shops will reopen, starting from 1 July, with some outlets initially trading only on eBay. Strict cleaning and social distancing will be maintained and new stock will be held back from the shop floor for 72 hours before going on sale.

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