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Reaching Out campaign launched in Dorset for those worried about finances

If the COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected your finances, don’t leave it too late before seeking help.

If the COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected your finances, reach out
If the COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected your finances, reach out

That is the message from Dorset Council and Dorset Citizens Advice who have launched the Reaching Out campaign which has signposts to a wide range of support and advice.

Nearly 50,000 people in the Dorset Council area have been furloughed during the crisis and it is feared 15,000 will be unable to return to work due to redundancy or business closure.

Dorset Council Cabinet member, Cllr Laura Miller, who is leading the campaign said, “For many people in Dorset, this will be the first time they have experienced such financial difficulties. We want to reach anyone who is worried about, or is facing redundancy; including those aged 16 to 25 – who are most at risk of unemployment or reduced hours – and anyone struggling to pay their rent, mortgage or other bills.”

Daniel Cadisch, Dorset Citizens Advice, said, “Experience shows talking to someone early on can really turn things around quickly. Citizens Advice can advise on a range of issues, from difficulty paying the rent and mortgage; problems with redundancy; accessing benefits; and loan or credit card repayments; to paying the bills, free school meals and changing career.

“Our advice is free, confidential and impartial. Often just a chat with us is enough to set you in the right direction.”

To talk to someone who can help, call the Dorset Citizens Advice Adviceline on 0344 411 1444 or see more about the support available at

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