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Ringwood man walks 727 miles for Macmillan Caring Locally

Ian Thornton, 77, from Ringwood, was determined to help others during lockdown - and to keep fit at the same time.

Ian - in black t-shirt - was greeted by his wife Lynda and a group of friends
Ian - in black t-shirt - was greeted by his wife Lynda and a group of friends

The retired aircraft engineer earned his charity wings walking 727 miles in 100 days raising £1090 for Macmillan Caring Locally.

Ian explained, “When the lockdown started, I decided to take my hour of daily exercise by walking.

“Whilst on the phone to a good friend, he asked how far I had intended to go. I said it would be a good idea to set a target and came up with 100 consecutive days. He then burst into song with ‘I Would Walk 500 Miles’ – so that became the challenge – to walk 500 miles in 100 days.

“I started off by walking around my local streets but I soon got bored and went for longer walks into the forest and nearby villages including Burley.

“I’ve discovered so many new routes and footpaths in the beautiful forest. It has been a wonderful experience.”

MCL, which is not related to the national Macmillan charity, supports the Macmillan Unit at Christchurch Hospital which cares for more than 1,600 patients with life-limiting illnesses each year.

Ian said, “Over the years, my wife Lynda and I have known many colleagues and friends who have benefited from care provided by Macmillan Caring Locally and two very dear friends spent their final days there.

“The care, love and compassion shown to them was outstanding and any help we can give to the charity seems worthwhile.”

Ian was greeted at the end of his 100th consecutive walk by his wife and a group of cheering friends.

Barry Wilson, community and events fundraiser for Macmillan Caring Locally who attended the finish of Ian’s 100th day walk said, “Everyone at Macmillan Caring Locally is deeply impressed and appreciative of what Ian has done for the charity.

“The Macmillan Unit has seen a significant drop in income because many of its fundraising events have been cancelled due to lockdown. The efforts and kindness of supporters like Ian is invaluable to us.”

Macmillan Caring Locally is asking more people to support its work by taking part in the Lace Up challenge. All you have to do is commit to completing a walk, run or cycle ride of a chosen distance or time.

For more details and to register visit:

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