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Skater Josh wins new award

A Ferndown teenager has become the first winner of a new award funded by Wimborne Rotary in a partnership with the John Thornton Young Achievers Foundation (JTYAF).

Josh Petty, 15, is working towards gaining qualifications which will enable him to become a skate coach. The £500 bursary will, when lockdown ends, allow him to have more skate lessons, enter competition and assist in attending a one-week skate camp in Germany.

Josh normally trains at an ice-rink but because of lockdown he missed out on his first proper competition and skate tests. But that has not stopped him improving.

Josh says, “Every day during lockdown I have been improving my strength and flexibility and have been doing four group online off-ice training sessions with my coach and other skaters every week.

“I got off-ice roller skates, specially made for figure skaters, so that I could keep up practice on blades. My aim is to use this award to help me achieve more levels, so I am closer to becoming a skate coach.”

Rotary president, Neil Hutchinson said, “Our aim is to benefit Young Achievers from the local Dorset area and Josh typifies the type of young person we are eager to support.”

Josh Petty with instructor Danielle Bennett
Josh Petty with instructor Danielle Bennett

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