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Surge in local appreciation of green spaces

The upside of lockdown is that it has made us appreciate our green spaces as we go for our daily walks.

Open space in Wimborne
Open space in Wimborne

A poll commissioned by The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) and the National Federation of Women’s Institutes has revealed that 65 per cent of people in the south west think protecting and enhancing green spaces should be a higher priority after the lockdown is lifted.

In addition 42 per cent of those surveyed now feel more connected to their community.


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Select PVCu

Crispin Truman, chief executive of CPRE, the countryside charity, said, “Our countryside and local green spaces are facing mounting pressure but the coronavirus pandemic has reminded us why the countryside next door, including our green belts, is so important. More people are aware of the health and wellbeing benefits that access to green spaces delivers and support for protecting and enhancing these after lockdown is impossible for the government to ignore.

“Going back to business as usual is not an option. The government must use the forthcoming planning reforms to protect these precious spaces and also go further by investing in their enhancement.

“Many of us feared that lockdown would see more people isolated, lonely and cut off from their communities and the outside world. However, these results have turned these notions on their head. While we are physically distanced, many of us are more connected than ever and people are helping each other in their communities with different age groups connecting more which is truly inspiring to see.”

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